I deliver engaging seminars, workshops, and keynote addresses about topics related to children and media. I translate complex research into practical advice for all those interested in the well-being of children in the United States and beyond. Nothing is as rewarding to me as seeing the media-related fears of parents and caregivers transform into confidence and determination to intelligently manage children’s media use. I share my experiences and insights with school groups, parent groups, corporations, families, community groups, sports teams, business retreats, industry conferences, health care providers and more.

I am regularly asked by the media, developers of children’s media programming, educators and parents to provide advice and insight on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Internet safety
  • Risks and benefits of social media
  • Positive and negative television programming
  • Parental monitoring of children’s media use
  • Parent-child conversations about media
  • Rules about the amount and content of media exposure
  • Parent-child shared media experiences
  • Media as related to children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development
  • The sexualization of girls in the media
  • Media depictions of violence, sex, substance use
  • Effects of exposure to pornography
  • Helping children benefit from positive media
  • Helping children resist effects of negative media

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