Girls are judged harshly for sending, and for not sending, sexts

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Recent research suggests that adolescent boys hold girls to some striking double standards when it comes to sexting.

51 adolescents, a mix of both girls and boys, in three different American cities responded to several open-ended questions about sexting. Researchers analyzed their responses and found that boys judge girls’ sexting behaviors in one of two ways. First, boys think that girls who send sexts are “crazy, insecure, attention-seeking sluts with poor judgment.” At the same time, however, boys categorized girls who didn’t send sexts as “prude,” “goody,” or “stuck up.”
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Help! My daughter got a cell phone…

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On Thursday our world changed forever when the UPS man rang our doorbell. Our tween daughter’s cell phone arrived. She’s ecstatic. But if the first 6 hours of her having a phone are any indication, we are in for a rude awakening.

No more than 2 hours after we activated her phone number, she received a collect call from an inmate at the local prison. Then, she texted somebody, but she had the wrong number and we had to tell her to stop texting with a stranger. Later, she somehow left two voicemails for a family member while she was on the phone with somebody else. I didn’t know that was technologically possible! Finally, I got a text from her grandma (my mom) asking if someone in our family got a new phone because she had received an undecipherable voicemail from our area code.

Welcome to the digital world, parents of tweenagers.
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