It’s Media Literacy Week, but what does that mean?

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.36.45 PM

It’s been a busy week at my house. Illness hit my family. Hard. Thus, we relied on a LOT of media while kids rested on the couch and my wife and I took turns working from home. It’s also Media Literacy Week, which, for me, means speaking engagements, writing, and my day job.

Instead of lamenting my busy (but awesome!) week, I intended to blog about media literacy and what that means. My wife stumbled across a fantastic article from The Edvocate that does a great job explaining media literacy and why it’s so important.

The long and short of it is this: Media literacy is the ability to critically analyze media messages and understand the impact these messages have on our society, culture, and, especially our kids.

Your own media literacy is critical to helping your kids navigate media. Becoming more media literate will empower you to make informed decisions about how your family uses it and empower your kids to make smart media choices.

So, as Media Literacy Week comes to a close, take some time to evaluate your own media literacy. Learn more. And then, talk with your kids about media. Help them decode the messages they receive. Encourage critical thinking about what they see, hear, and create through media.

A media literate generation will shape the media industry in the future. And that, parents, is a very good thing.


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