Our last-day-of-summer movie marathon

movie marathon

I know. I’m supposed to be the one who tells people to watch less TV. But on the last day of summer break last week, we did something in our home that we’ve never done before.

And it was awesome.

Last Friday we found ourselves with nothing to do. It was the last day of summer break before our kids headed back to school on Monday. It was hot outside. The city pools were closed. And we didn’t feel like spending any money by going to a movie or to the bowling alley. So, we got out blankets and spread out in our family room and watched movies for nearly 8 hours. That’s right. 8 hours.

Part of me felt guilty because, after all, it was 8 HOURS OF TV! But I knew afterward that we had made the right choice because before my 7-year-old daughter went to bed that night she told me, “This was the best day of my life.”

Was it such a great day for her because of the movies we watched? Maybe. We watched “The Croods,” “Secretariat,” “Parental Guidance,” and “Swiss Family Robinson.” All good, family-friendly movies, yes. But I think it was more than the movies that made this day special for our family. As I’ve written elsewhere, family TV time can be a great way to bond with our kids. And research shows that using media together can even improve parent-child connectedness.

We’re not going to do this very often. At most, it’ll happen once a year. But amidst all the chaos in the world, having 8 hours of slow, simple family time was just what we needed.

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