To Internet or not to Internet—Balancing the good and the bad


It’s a conflict every parent faces—I want my child to have the opportunities provided by the Internet, but I don’t want them to face online risks. So, just how to we let our kids benefit from all the good and avoid all the bad that the Internet provides?

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Peer pressure: Why some kids seek out sexual media content


Parents know that the lamest excuse for doing something is that “everyone is doing it.” You’d think a teenager could come up with a better argument for doing something stupid. But, based on some recent media research, peer pressure has the power to lead kids to actively seek out sexual media content. Yes, parents, peer pressure is real. Even when it comes to sexual media content.

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Reversing the “gendered notion of brilliance”


As you may have seen, another study came out last week showing that young girls think boys are smarter than them. Media, other research shows, plays a strong role in how girls view themselves. But instead of lamenting the state of things—as so much of the “news” in social media does today—let’s talk solutions. Parents, I’m convinced that the solution to changing how girls view themselves begins and ends with you.

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