Using media to spread joy


This morning my daughter reminded me that we don’t change the world with our opinionated social media posts, but we change the world by spreading joy one simple post-it note at time.

Indulge me for a moment, because this blog post is not about research. This morning was starting off to be one of “those” mornings. You know the type–you wake up and you feel a little bit grumpy but you don’t know why. Apparently, last night my daughter (whose name I’ve obviously photo-shopped out) wrote 5 notes, one for each other member of our family, and stuck them in places where she knew we would find them. And I was reminded once again that the way to change people is not through arguing on social media, but through love.

Imagine what our country and our world could look like if we used old-school media–good old paper and pen–to spread joy? What if changing the world began with changing our own homes by using our communication tools to build, to encourage, and inspire? What might happen if we flooded the world with love, one sticky note at a time?

We might not change the whole world, but as my daughter reminded me today, we might change the world for one person for just one moment. And if you ask me, that’s a pretty good way to use the media.

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