Guest post: My teenage daughter’s experience without media for 48 hours, in her own words


Oh, what a weekend! For a class assignment I was asked to go without any technology (unless unavoidable) for 48 hours. Throughout this experience I learned that there are many limitations as well as advantages of having the Internet, social media etc.

During these 48 hours of living a technology free life I was able to loosen the strong grasp of FOMO (fear of missing out). I was reading more and found more time to do other things I loved. I was able to spend more time with my family and I had fun. I went to a church activity and they used power point to explain different principles. I sat in the very front row, so I couldn’t see the presentation very well. I found I didn’t need to understand—it was merely there to reiterate the things I had already learned from the speakers. I DON’T need the computer or my phone for EVERYTHING!!! I’m much happier when I don’t use it. I wasn’t stressed because I wasn’t wasting my time. I had more time. Time is very important in my very busy life. It takes 15 minutes to get there and 20 minutes to do this. But all of that time is wasted on my phone or on the Ipad. I can do things I want with a bit of extra time. There’s no rush. I even have some leftover that can be used to good things rather than play games or look at Facebook. On Sunday I had really nothing to do but read, write, scrapbook or just my usual routine but that day I was restless. I wanted to do something, I wanted to get something done. I decided to do something good for somebody else. That time was spent wisely. My time was spent serving rather than zoning out.

I learned a very important lesson this weekend. I learned technology is very efficient and it is often helpful, but I also learned as my teacher said, “ the same addictive substances found in drugs are also found in your cell phone.” I found that when I take the time to disconnect, my life is less stressful I am happier and I can do things that are way more fun than the temporary pleasure of the Internet. I am very grateful to my English teacher because this was VERY, and I mean VERY helpful. I am not always on my phone. Instead I’ve found other ways to have fun!

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