To podcast or not?


Do parents listen to podcasts these days? What types of podcasts? How often–once every week? Every two weeks? And what is the ideal length of a podcast–10 minutes? Longer, shorter? And on a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to listen to podcasts about children and media research? Be honest, you won’t hurt my feelings.


  1. Are you crazy? I love podcasts, and would definitely listen to one about children and media! I listen podcasts on my drive to work, when I’m doing tedious housework, when I go out for a run… Basically, all the time.

    The “ideal” length depends on the subject, I think. Personally, I find ones less than 20 minutes not enough time for an in depth treatment of a subject. But more than 45 minutes seems like a huge investment of time and concentration.

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  2. I enjoy podcasts, especially when they are a conversation between two or more people. I like 20-30 minutes; any longer and I usually have to listen to it over two or more days because my podcast time is while I wash dishes.


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